The blog gears up

I was really bored by the old version of this blog. Since months, actually the beginning of this year, I was asking myself what to do with the blog.

First, let it quietly die like many of personnal blogs. But I didn’t like this idea. T-shirts are a part of my personnality and I would have felt amputated.

The other solution was giving the blog a new design. Something more professionnal because since the beginning of this adventure (nearly 3 years ago) I have evolved and made form web my job with InDaCloud. It took time but I finnaly found the right template and some spare time to put all that stuff together.

So, say hello to Smart-Tees version 2 !

The posts stay and navigation is simplified with infinite-scrolling (ok, it’s the trend) and, new feature, the posts will be available in french and in english. I would say “excuse my anglais” but it’s a good way to train. So if you don’t understant what I’m saying, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks to the readers wo are here since the beginning and hello to the new ones !

[excited Tom]

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  1. blackwarrior says:

    Preum’s ! ;)
    Super cette nouvelle version, bravo pour le boulot. J’espère que Smart-tees reprendra un peu plus vie. D’ailleurs, désolé d’avoir abandonné le navire en cours de route :)

  2. tom says:

    On a sauté du pont en même temps je crois. J’espère que cette nouvelle version va redonner vie au site. Le T-shirt c’est la vie !
    Tu seras toujours le bienvenu ici pour poster ;)

  3. blackwarrior says:

    Ce sera avec plaisir :)

  4. david says:

    Wouaou je suis super fan du template !
    Bravo pour cette nouvelle version

    A bientôt ;)

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