Many new T-shirts on Dadawan

It’s not the first time a post about Dadawan (a little search will give you some results), it’s probably because they send me often a truck load of news.

Let’s start with the girls, we have the Collection Elegie with good shaped tees and great pictures.(you can find the shootings on their  fanpage).

For the guys, two new series are in the shop : Smiling Skull and Seven Seas with, for some models Made in France T-shirts (that’s rare) and a lightweight scooped neck T-Shirt.

Good thing, Dadawen gives us a good selection of 17€90 T-shirts.

Last thing, if you are a vintage photography lover, take a look at this one.

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  1. david says:

    Merci pour cet article ;) Un nouveau shooting est en cours je t’en reparle prochainement !

  2. tom says:

    Toujours un plaisir ;)

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