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As I wrote it in the “submit a T-shirt” page, you can send me some of your great t-shirts so I can test them and talk more concretly than just based on some photos.

Filip from Aaitski is the first who sent me a little pack. First, thanks a lot!

I won’t write much about the Aaitski‘s style. The visuals are funny and a little childish but I would rather tell you about the high quality of the products. For my girlfriend, it’s the Eskiboy model for girl and S size. The t-shirt is bodyfitted, the sleeves are short and the cotton heavy and comfortable to wear. It weights 180g/m², in other words a good, not transparent T-shirt.

For me, it’s a t-shirt from the new collection the Truckzillah in S and for men. If you look at me, you can see I’m “just a bit thin” and I had some doubts about the regular cut of the men models. Surprise, the t-shirt fits really well. As before, the t-shirt is heavy (185g/m²) and very comfortable. The quality is great when you take a look at the collar and the printing made in Belgium is just as good.

Little bonus (but no worn photos ;) ) the pink Pussy Catsy underwear. Here too we have a good 100% cotton, comfortable product.

In conclusion, you should go to the Aaitski shop if :

  • you like funny designs
  • you’re looking for high quality and heavy t-shirts
  • you want a generous cut but who fits well
  • you’re loving comfortable but well shaped girls t-shirts

[enthusiastic Tom]

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